VuePrint 8.0

Prints images and adjusts them, a useful utility for photographers

Offers several features for taking care of images, as a picture before printing can be cropped, for a better adjustment, or recolored in black and white just, or other colors. In case the image must be emailed, some adjustments can be made to its size.

VuePrint a usefol tool for photographers, corporations and home users around the world.
They can use VuePrint to quickly and efficiently view and print images.
VuePrint also includes features for cropping images, converting image formats, recolour, B&W, colour balancing, BRG, Black/White Point, Negative, Invert, reducing the size of images for e-mail, and easily browsing through large collections of images (just press the space bar and backspace key).

New features in 8.0 - Updated for Windows Vista

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